CNC Build: Z-Axis and Y-Axis carriage

The steel parts are dry and i started assembling the carriages:


Gold, silver, and black go together nicely, the parts sometimes not. But after a second look in the manual and use of force everything fits.


Moving the z-carriage up and down during assembly is quite cumbersome, I attached my drill to the threaded rod to turn it and move it easily.

Up next will be the X-axis and testing the electronics, as the motors should arrive soon.


CNC Build: Finishing the steel

I’ve been finishing the steel parts with varnish so they won’t rust.
First i had to apply a primer:


After priming both sides i could finally apply colour:


I still have to do the second side, but tomorrow i can start putting everything together.


Building a CNC Mill: My ShapeOko 2

Today i finally got my ShapeOko 2 kit. I’ve been wanting a CNC for years and the ShapeOko seemed like a good start  on a low budget. I got mine from the one shop im germany that sells and they changed some details, like converting all the screws and measurements to the metric system.
Here are all the parts laid out, motors and electronics have to arrive yet.


The steel panels are unfinished so i will have to paint them first.
Thats all for now, i have to go get paint ;-)



Come and meet me at the Makerfaire in Hannover! It will be on the first weekend of July and you can find me in the Niedersachsenhalle. Visiting will be definitely worth it!



First flight of the Nautilair airship

Today was the first flight of my Airship. I met at the Modellflugausstellung Uetze with the Silentrunner-Crew. They were the ones who brought me into Airships, and the design of the ship is theirs. After a couple of problems in the beginning it flew really well.

Now a couple of pictures, i will add a Video later.



The ship is about 2,20m long. As you can see it is nowhere near finished as there is a lot of tape involved…




EDIT: Now with video!

See it flying here:


New Design!

The old design became unbearable so now you can see Newbotics in new glory.

Old contents will be moved later, when i have the time for it. If you miss something please tell me about it.